Immersed in this black hole,

Swirling in the past and looming future,

Round and Round,

Never ending, intertwined lives,

That only live in my mind.

Holding on to what was and was not,

Trapped in the sadness that won’t let me out,

That won’t let me believe and leaves chains…

By the time I was in my early twenties, I had already witnessed a lot of pain and suffering in my young life. Being a child of divorce and watching my family struggle to survive emotional turmoil, took a toll on my confidence and self esteem. I needed to gain…

We are all swimming in a collective swamp of fear right now.

Fear of losing our health and even our lives.

Fear of losing our loved ones.

Fear of losing our livelihoods.

Fear of losing our Freedom forever!

I feel it too. The feeling of insecurity wrapped in a blanket…

When my mother left her home country and came to Canada in 1970 at the age of 28, she was unmarried. For an Italian woman especially, to be unmarried in her late twenties was very rare at the time. Her father was worried she wouldn’t find a husband so he…

Photo Credit: Rosanna Sardella

Some days I wish I had a time machine and go back to certain times in my life where I had made some less than ideal choices that would affect my future self in a negative way. I would say to my younger self, “Hey! Stop that! Think about what…

My love and I walking on the beach during sunset in Curacao 2018

In November 2015, I had just lost everything. My business of almost six years, my home, my relationship, my savings and most importantly faith in myself and what I believed in.

At the age of 40, I was lost, heartbroken, broke and alone. Living at my mother’s place and in…

Rosanna Sardella

Over 10 years experience as a Life Coach and Educator. Dog mom, Nature Lover. Life long seeker of the Beauty of all Things.

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